Guys: Treatments


Express Mani ♥ R240
Cuticle work, nails shaped + buffed + moisturise

Hand Facial ♥ R320
Exfoliation, cuticle work, nails shaped, paint, masque, massage + moisturise

Express Pedi ♥ R260
Foot file, cuticle work, nails shaped + buffed + moisturise

Foot Facial ♥ R390
Foot file, exfoliation, cuticle work, nails shaped + buffed, paint, masque, massage + moisturise

Foot Peel ♥ R400
An intense treatment for cracked, dry heels + feet


Massages use a lightweight oil with rosemary for relieving muscle aches and pains, and geranium for treating inflammation, uplifting mood and lessening fatigue.

Neck and Shoulder ♥ R150
Quick workout for instant relief. Performed sitting, so it’s easy to add on to any other treatment

Back, Neck and Shoulder ♥ R300
Intensive massage focusing on tension in lower back through to shoulders + neck

Full Body ♥ R500
Relaxing, therapeutic treatment to revive the whole body

Reflexology ♥ R200
Diagnostic foot therapy working on specific points, helping to heal the body holistically

Foot Massage ♥ R200
Relaxing massage for tired, sore feet + calves

Indian head massage ♥ R170
A rejuvenating head treatment using Swedish massage techniques + acupressure points to release stress


All skin care treatments use professional Dermalogica products and incorporate Bio-Therapeutic devices using advanced ultra sound and microcurrent technologies.

Dermalogica Face Mapping ♥ FREE
Professional in-depth skin analysis

Dermalogica ProSkin 30 ♥ R350
Maximum impact, minimum time. Targeting your key concerns for fast, visible results

Dermalogica ProSki 60 ♥ R680
Customised treatment addressing all skin concerns with advanced products, techniques and technology


Breakout Clearing ♥ R120  
Deep cleansing, clearing congestion + healing breakouts

Brightness Booster ♥ R120
Resurface, smooth + brighten dull skin

Eye Lift ♥ R120
Firming, hydrating + lifting skin around the eye area

Flash Hydration ♥ R120
Rescue dehydrated skin + restore moisture

Sensitive Skin Rescue ♥ R120
Restoring, hydrating + relieving skin sensitivity


Our vegan hot wax is hypo-allergenic and strip wax is aromatherapy based. Both are natural, caring, low temperature waxes which means no drag on the skin (in other words, less discomfort for you).


Eyebrows ♥ R100
Shaping, tweezing + waxing of both brows

Ears ♥ R100
Inside + outside of both ears

Nose ♥ R100
Both nostrils and/or tip of the nose


Underarm ♥ R130
Both underarms

Half Arm ♥ R190
Upper or lower arms (plus hands + fingers)

Full Arm ♥ R230
Both arms from the shoulders down

Chest ♥ R290
Upper torso

Stomach ♥ R230
Full stomach area

Half Back ♥ R260
Lower or upper back from mid back. Upper back includes neck

Back ♥ R360
Full back from neck + top of shoulders to waist line


Briefs ♥ R150
Both sides of the banana hammock

Fluffer ♥ R320
Shaft, scrotum + pubic area OR anus. Bum cheeks not included

Bareback ♥ R380
Waxing everything from front to back. Yip, this means pubic area, shaft + scrotum through to anus

Bum Cheeks ♥ R160
Both bum cheeks. Anus not included 

Bit on the Side R90


Half Leg ♥ R220
From toes to above knees

Three Quarter Leg ♥ R260
From toes to halfway up thigh

Full Leg ♥ R290
From toes to underwear line


The Full Monty ♥ R1500
We remove any and all body hair you choose to lose. It includes full leg wax, full arm wax, full back wax, intimate waxing, chest + stomach plus nose + ears. Approximately three hours

Prices are subject to change without notice.


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