Guys: Treatments

Ranging from male waxing (intimate grooming and for serious sportsmen), hand and foot facials, massage as well as our next-level Dermalogica facials, Buff Parlour’s various male-related treatments ensure our male clients are well taken care of. 


Express Mani ♥ R240
Cuticle work, nails shaped + buffed + moisturise

Hand Facial ♥ R310
Exfoliation, cuticle work, nails shaped, paint, masque, massage + moisturise

Express Pedi ♥ R260
Foot file, cuticle work, nails shaped + buffed + moisturise

Foot Facial ♥ R380
Foot file, exfoliation, cuticle work, nails shaped + buffed, paint, masque, massage + moisturise

Foot Peel ♥ R400
An intense treatment for cracked, dry heels + feet


Massages use a lightweight oil with rosemary for relieving muscle aches and pains, and geranium for treating inflammation, uplifting mood and lessening fatigue.

Neck and Shoulder ♥ R100
Quick workout for instant relief. Performed sitting, so it’s easy to add on to any other treatment

Back, Neck and Shoulder ♥ R380
Intensive massage focusing on tension in lower back through to shoulders + neck

Full Body ♥ R550
Relaxing, therapeutic treatment to revive the whole body

Reflexology ♥ R350
Diagnostic foot therapy working on specific points, helping to heal the body holistically

Indian head massage ♥ R200
A rejuvenating head treatment using Swedish massage techniques + acupressure points to release stress

Foot Massage ♥ R230
Relaxing massage for tired, sore feet + calves


All skin care treatments use professional Dermalogica products and incorporate Bio-Therapeutic devices using advanced ultra sound and microcurrent technologies.

Dermalogica Face Mapping ♥ FREE
Professional in-depth skin analysis

Dermalogica ProSkin 30 ♥ R450
Maximum impact, minimum time. Targeting your key concerns for fast, visible results

Dermalogica ProSkin 60 ♥ R780
Customised treatment addressing all skin concerns with advanced products, techniques and technology


Breakout Clearing ♥ R150  
Deep cleansing, clearing congestion + healing breakouts

Brightness Booster ♥ R150
Resurface, smooth + brighten dull skin

Eye Lift ♥ R150
Firming, hydrating + lifting skin around the eye area

Flash Hydration ♥ R150
Rescue dehydrated skin + restore moisture

Sensitive Skin Rescue ♥ R150
Restoring, hydrating + relieving skin sensitivity


Laser hair removal for men. The hair removal is done with an XXL laser head for fast, painfree laser experience. Costed per session

Unibrow ♥ R350

Neck ♥ R600

Earlobes ♥ R400

Forehead ♥ R500

Umbilical Strip ♥ R500

Nipple Area ♥ R450

Shoulders ♥ R850

Hands or Feet ♥ R500

Fluffer ♥ R800

Buttocks ♥ R750

Bit on the Side ♥ R250


Our vegan hot wax is hypo-allergenic and strip wax is aromatherapy based. Both are natural, caring, low temperature waxes which means no drag on the skin (in other words, less discomfort for you). Male waxing is a fabulous way to ensure you are ready for action, neatly groomed and feeling smooth!


Eyebrows ♥ R110
Shaping, tweezing + waxing of both brows

Ears ♥ R110
Inside + outside of both ears

Nose ♥ R110
Both nostrils and/or tip of the nose


Underarm ♥ R150
Both underarms

Half Arm ♥ R200
Upper or lower arms (plus hands + fingers)

Full Arm ♥ R250
Both arms from the shoulders down

Chest ♥ R310
Upper torso

Stomach ♥ R250
Full stomach area

Half Back ♥ R280
Lower or upper back from mid back. Upper back includes neck

Back ♥ R380
Full back from neck + top of shoulders to waist line


Briefs ♥ R180
Both sides of the banana hammock

Fluffer ♥ R350
Shaft, scrotum + pubic area OR anus. Bum cheeks not included

Bareback ♥ R400
Waxing everything from front to back. Yip, this means pubic area, shaft + scrotum through to anus

Bum Cheeks ♥ R180
Both bum cheeks. Anus not included 

Bit on the Side ♥ 110


Half Leg ♥ R240
From toes to above knees

Three Quarter Leg ♥ R280
From toes to halfway up thigh

Full Leg ♥ R310
From toes to underwear line


The Full Monty ♥ R1800
We remove any and all body hair you choose to lose. It includes full leg wax, full arm wax, full back wax, intimate waxing, chest + stomach plus nose + ears. Approximately three hours


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